A Metal Fabrication Company reviewing and reflecting with Thanksgiving

When looking for a metal fabricator do you need only the basic operations which include some type of metal cutting with possibly metal bending and welding?  Or is it beneficial to find a metal fabricator who can handle your project from start to finish with the most efficient equipment?  At Noble Industries we continue to look for ways to improve our processes.

When we started in 1968 making metal fabrication products, we only had basic information to get by and service a few customers.  Today we have a 70,000 sq ft facility, a process engineering department, quality department , several people in the administrative office, 55 – 60 employees on the floor with some in the powder coating and packaging area, 3 people dedicated to shipping and receiving.

Noble Industries believes in order to grow we must continue to invest in technology and our people.  We are ISO 9001:2008 which gives our OEM, Medical, Automotive Aftermarket customers the peace of mind needed.  Our continual desire to stay lean and yet have the staff to handle large one time Point of Purchase (POP) projects fabricating 1,000 to 2,000 displays shipping to one location or to multiple locations can be amazing as you watch that project go through the metal fabrication job shop.

It is a balancing act that we work at daily to get better, to be able to react in an environment where customers are afraid to get a project started too far in advance in a market that is changing at a rapid pace.

Noble Industries has invested in 6 lasers for cutting metal including 3D laser cutting, 5 turret punch presses,  9 press brakes, 12 welding stations, 2 robotic welders, Spot Welding, CNC Tube, Angle & Plate Rollers, Tube Cutting, Tube Bending,  Wire Cutting and straightening, Wire Forming, Wire Mesh Welding, Numalliance Robomac  3D CNC Wire Bender, Salvagnini Panel Punch and Bending, Corner Forming, 1000 feet of continuous multi-speed powder coating along with basic metal fabrication tools such as a shear, cold saws, drill presses, pem insert equipment, and much more.  In reflection of the early days from 1968 to today, there is much to be thankful for and many employees who have put in the effort to make Noble Industries the proven leader in metal fabrication to thank.  Our wonderful employees has made this a season for reflection and Thanksgiving!  We will celebrate the season on Wednesday and then close for a long Thanksgiving weekend so that all those faithful and hardworking employees can spend time with their families and count their blessings!  Happy Thanksgiving to all!