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A Great Wall Organization Product Invention Created Out of Necessity

Ever heard the phrase, necessity is the mother of invention?  OmniWallUSA was born out of that saying.

Over the years I have watched my brother, Greg Parker, and also his father, start awesome projects only to stop because they couldn’t find the tool(s) needed for the project.  They knew the hammer, wrench, socket set or screwdriver was “around somewhere”.   Normal procedure was to stop the project and run off to the local home improvement store for new tools.   By the time they got back home, something else needed their attention and the “great project” is pushed to the corner of the garage or shop.

Two years ago, Greg bought a fantastic home in need of a few home improvements.  While Greg’s day job is managing the metal fabrication company our father started, he has a great eye for home remodel.  The new home would give him opportunities to put his weekend DIY skills in action.

A year of projects and multiple trips to the local home improvement store for a new drill, additional charger or yet another screwdriver or wrench because he couldn’t find one that should have been in the garage was enough.  Greg decided to buy a wall organization system that “appeared” to be a system better than restrictive slatwall or track systems.  It looked like a customizable wall system.  He ordered a large wall organization system only to be disappointed that shelves were actually made of three or four pieces that needed assembly and hooks that were very similar to the frustrating peg hooks that go with pegboard.   This system was a great start for the wall but the accessories were not sturdy and he knew he would never be completely satisfied and would end up not using it.

Instead of returning the product, Greg walked into the engineering department and announced that an internal project would begin.  A team of people met weekly, designing and testing shelves, screwdriver holders, wrench holders, power drill holders and 40 other tool organization attachments.  The team worked hard to develop the most versatile and more importantly solid wall organization system.  This OmniWall organizational system has been selling great!  Automotive and racing professionals comment that this may possibly be the best innovation for people who use hand tools.

All of us at Noble Industries who own an OmniWall System and those who work daily to make the 18 gauge galvannealed OmniWall panels, 16 and 18 gauge one piece solid construction wall organization accessories, thank Greg for believing in the necessity of OmniWallUSA, the new invention for wall organization.

Noble Industries is proud to announce our own product line!

Noble Industries is proud to announce the launch of our very own wall organization product line.  Discover the most versatile wall and garage organization system at .

What is OmniWall?  In the garage, the OmniWall product line can help you get organized by taking all your hammers, drills, bits, and drivers up out of the workbench and easily accessed from your wall. Proudly display your wrenches and clamps to your friends and family with the 42 different hooks, shelves, and hangers available in a variety of 6 different powder coat colors! All OmniWall products are fabricated right here in the USA using high-quality sheet metal and durable powder coatings.   We’ve developed this product line to accommodate all major brands of tools that help you get organized, and keep it organized.

Large Wall Organization System

This Mega Wall Organization System can handle all your tools.