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Powder Coating – Part 2

Last spring we posted an article about powder coating and corrosion control.  We discussed the introduction of powder coating in the 1960’s and that powder coating is now the preferred solution for metal.  There are size constraints that make metal powder coating unworkable for large welded assemblies but otherwise the best corrosion coverage is to powder coat your metal parts.  The powders available over the last twenty years

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The Secret to a quality powder coat finish on your metal parts – Part 1

6 stage powder wash system at Noble Industries

Power Spray with heat is the best way to remove impurities on metal parts


Custom Powder Coating of an OEM Metal Part



To have a powder coated part with a finish that lasts, you must start with pretreatment to ensure a totally clean part.  Pretreatment process can be broken down into two areas of operation:

  1. Cleaning
  2. Phosphatizing

This article will address the most important phase which is the process to obtain a clean part.  All contamination, dirt and oil must be removed.   Most metals will have rust inhibitors, oil, cutting fluids, drawing compounds, grease and dirt.  If powder is applied to a metal part that has not been thoroughly cleaned adhesion will not occur or the powder coat finish will not stay on the part over time.

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Metal Fabrication Case Study for an Automotive Aftermarket Customer

Metal Fabrication Case Study

Customer:   Automotive Aftermarket

Product:  Metal Bracket

Type of Fabrication:  Laser Cutting, Press Brake Metal Forming, Powder Coating, Packaging & Shipping

Problem:  Needed a heavy duty bracket with a lance and formed area which would include a square hole for a carriage bolt

Noble Industries solution:

One of our automotive aftermarket customers came to us with a need for a bracket with a lance and form section to allow a carriage bolt to be used with the part.  A lance and form tooling can be purchased for a punch press or for a brake press.  For our application we created tooling for an Amada press brake form operation.  This part also has an offset and 90 degree bends around the lance and formed area and the part number stamped into the part.

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Reasons to use Powder Coating for metal parts!

Powder Coating offers substantial advantages over wet paint or plating.

  • No solvents
  • If you have a clean room and an oven it is easy to apply
  • Unpolluted operational area making better work environment
  • The above items make for an environment with virtually no pollution
  • Only one coat is required to give a superior finish with excellent coverage in holes, corners and edges
  • Once baked on a clean surface it is resistant to scratches & chipping
  • With a good operation you will have savings in overall coating costs