Commonly Used Materials in Metal Fabrication

COR-TEN A is a premier high-strength, low alloy steel, with its combination of greater strength and exceptional resistance to corrosion (5 to 8 times carbon steel for COR-TEN A and 4 times carbon steel for COR-TEN B).  This high strength steel is ideally suited for applications where weight reduction or long term maintenance fees are key considerations.

ASTM A-36 is a structural quality carbon steel which can be used in riveted, bolted and welded metal parts needed for structural purposes and general purposes where strength is needed.  A-36 does not come in light gauge materials.

Hot rolled carbon steel plate comes in several grades.  The general purpose steel is a carbon plate steel for general applications involving cold bending, hot forming, punching and welding.  Floor Plate is a low carbon, low manganese steel plate which has a distinctive pattern of raised lugs.  The steel has good wear resistance and the lugs provide footing in applications like stair treads, catwalks, truck beds, running boards and decks.  It is readily formed and welded.

Carbon steel sheet and strip comes in hot rolled and cold rolled sheets.  Hot rolled sheets are used in applications where the presence of oxide coating and normal surface defects are not objectionable.  Such uses include welded pipe, HVAC and automotive parts, road machinery and other industrial parts.   Hot rolled Commercial Quality sheet metal is suitable for ordinary purposes.  While there is no guarantee against breaking it is suitable for bending and moderate forming.   Cold Rolled sheet has a surface finish that is superior to a hot rolled pickled finish and is suitable for use in exposed parts requiring a good surface finish.  Although the surface finish is superior in the flat form, some surface defects will arise after forming.

Noble Industries is a metal fabricator familiar with all of the above materials.  Over 50% of the metal fabricated parts formed are HRPO & A-36.  COR-TEN A has been used on occasion but is more expensive and more difficult for customers to justify.