Custom Material Handling Products and Solutions

Noble Industries specializes in custom material handling solutions.  Whether your needs are for aluminum skids for heavy duty cargo moving across the country on a light weight aluminum skid or for custom metal carts, Noble Industries can handle the job on time and within your budget.

One of our more recent projects consisted of us fabricating 38″ X 38″ aluminum skids from 6061-T6 aluminum plate 0.375 thick.

The skid had slots for forks so that loading and unloading the skid off of trucks would be easy.  The aluminum sheet metal skid also had 6061-T-6 aluminum rectangular tubes and flat bar stock welded in place for various features of the material handling skid.  The total weight of the skid is 110 pounds.  Carbon Steel is approximately 3 times heavier so the same material handling skid in carbon steel would weigh approximately 330 pounds.

Our customer orders 160 skids at a time and we can package and ship 80 skids together in a common carrier load.

Other material handling products made by Noble Industries includes sheet rock (drywall) carts & laser scrap transport carts.  We have made custom sheet metal tables with castors for moving 60″ X 120″ sheets of metal.  We have also made carts made primarily of tube and wire at Madsen Wire Products ( , our wire facility.

So whether your needs are for material handling baskets, material handling carts or aluminum material handling skids, Noble Industries is qualified and prepared to help with your needs.  Contact us at 800-466-1926 or visit our website at for more information.