Laser Cutting

A process that is growing in metal fabrication is laser cutting.  Laser cutting services are being used much more often instead of sending parts across turret presses or other punching devices.  Why?  Laser cutting provides some advantages in material utilization, precise tolerances and quality of the part.   If there are variable shapes and round edges a laser machine is more economical for shorter runs because tooling is not needed to cut the part. 

The process of laser cutting is similar to what many of us learned as a boy scout or girl scout.  On a sun shining day, we can take a magnifying glass outside and use the sun’s ray to burn a whole in a leaf or piece of paper.  The same process applies to laser cutting.   A laser cutting machine uses a resonator to produce a beam that gets focused on the metal material to melt a hole through it.   This works with the light bouncing off mirrors and then through a lens to deliver a bright beam.  The laser machine bed moves as the beam cuts making shapes based on a computer generated program.   Assist gas or nitrogen is normally used to help in cutting.  Laser cutting with nitrogen provides the best edge.   There is much more information a laser operator has to learn in order to produce quality parts.  Today’s laser machines are connected to computers and the network for loading programs design to cut specific parts.

Noble Industries has 6 Mazak Lasers that can cut light gauge material up to 1” plate.  We have the equipment and knowledgable staff to program and handle all your laser cutting needs!  Give us a call at 317-773-1926 for small or large laser cutting jobs.