Metal Fabrication A36 Bracket Case Study

Metal Fabrication Case Study

Customer:  Automotive Aftermarket

Product: Metal Brackets

Type of Fabrication:  Laser cutting, CNC Punching, Press Brake Forming,  Powder Coating

Problem:  Fast production of metal brackets caused cracks in the A36 material while forming the part.

Solution:  Noble Industries understands the chemistry of A36 material and how to form it without stress cracks.  We have been forming metal brackets in A36 HRPO since 1978 so it is typical that we can solve a customer’s problems with A36 metal brackets.

This particular bracket is ordered in releases of 2,500 pieces per release with an annual quantity of 37,500.  It requires A36 3/16” HRPO steel plate.  To make 2,500 pieces, we ordered 22 sheets of material and wrote a program to nest the parts to get the best material usage.

Once the material arrived, we laser cut the parameter of 2 parts.  From there we sent the 2 part blank to our CNC Punch area.  On the punch press, we stamp the part number and cut the individual part.  After punching, the parts are sent to the press brake area for forming.  Special attention is required in the set up to ensure that the parts will be formed without cracking since it is A36 material.  After forming, the parts go through ISO 9001:2008 inspection and then to the powder coating line for Black Epoxy powder coat finishing.  Our powder coat system can bake the powder on a part that can endure a 1,000 hr salt spray test which is double the time many automotive manufacturers require of a metal component.  We can powder coat 1,500 metal brackets an hour.   After powder coating, the parts are packaged to the customer’s specification and shipped to them.

We make A36 brackets for many customers in Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Illinois and throughout the Midwest.

Noble Industries would love to quote on your metal brackets.  Check us out on the web at or contact Brenda Snyder at 800-466-1926.