Metal Fabrication Case Studies – Retail Point of Purchase Freestanding Display

Metal Fabrication Case Study

Customer:   Retail Point of Purchase

Product:  Freestanding Display

Type of Fabrication:  Laser Cutting, Welded Wire Mesh Grid, Press Brake Metal Forming, Welding, Powder Coating

Problem:  Taking a new design from the concept to production

Noble Industries solution:

Noble Industries has several customers who design all types of store fixtures for the retail industry.  Many things are considered before a prototype is scheduled.  Our customers will send conceptual drawings or models with all the factual information included such as the material they wish to use, dimensions, views from the front, back, side and top, specific hardware requirements, what powder coat color or colors they want and much more.

Our process engineers will review the design for manufacturability and give any comments or concerns to the customer.  If everyone agrees on the concept, then our customer will detail each individual part.  For this particular metal fabrication case study, we had a project to fabricate for Point of Purchase during the holiday season.

For this particular case study, we had a project that needed to be fabricated and shipped in a short time frame.  The customer had detailed everything they wanted.  The back surface to be made of welded wire mesh grid and is 24” wide and 64” long.  They chose welded wire mesh grid so that they can hang wire formed brackets out from the back.   The frame is made of 1” metal tube and 16 gauge HRPO sheet metal so the custom freestanding display is structurally sound.  The sheet metal on the sides will be laser etched with the customer’s design for the product and the brand logo is cut out by laser cutting.  The 76” tubular frame will be saw cut, deburred and has mitered corners welded and then grinding is applied to give a smooth corners.  6 Shelves are to be 38” long made of 1/4” HRPO material and the customer is going to attach a wood base to each shelf in final assembly.   Shelf brackets will be made to secure the shelf at the tubular frame sides and other metal brackets are designed to connect and secure the shelf at the back on the wire mesh grid.  Holes will be laser cut in the shelves for drywall screws.  The customer is going to run power for lighting so small brackets will be made to hold, hide and protect the electrical cord.  A solid base made from ¾” plate steel will hold the display in place.  The tube and sheet metal frame and shelves are powder coated silver and the welded wire mesh grid is powder coated silver vein.  This freestanding display is shipping this week to 1,000 stores nationwide for the Christmas shopping season.