Metal Fabrication Technology


When engineers analyze how to make metal parts efficiently, they look at streamlining the metal bending process based on a number of factors.  Some of those factors are quantity, whether the job will repeat, material, and size.    

 Many years ago the popular choice for blanking a part was a single station NC punch press.  Then the turret punch press came along with the capability to hold and punch with multiple tools; and move the sheet to the punch location.  The turret press is capable of high production and can punch louvers, dimples and many other features.   Also the arrival of CNC technology, where the correct punch tools & programming allowed metal fabricators to produce the exact same part over and over.

 Do you think this was the start of what we know now as lean manufacturing?  Smaller runs of parts can be made today.  We can pull up the programs and run the exact same parts without much set up in a month or whenever more parts are needed.   Cost efficient manufacturing in robotic welding, CNC turret presses with auto load/unload capability, laser cutting operations with a tower for sheet metal selection with load/unload capability with multiple in-line lasers, Salvagnini panel punch and bend cell are just a few of the technological advances utilized by Noble Industries that many other metal fabricators only dream of owning.  At Noble Industries, we believe success now and in the future depends on investing in technology.   

 Noble Industries has skilled personnel for programming, operation, and maintenance of our CNC fabrication equipment.  As an ISO 9001:2008 certified metal fabricator, we have quality inspections at every fabrication step so human intervention is necessary to check quality and load programs.  However many machines can continue to run and produce parts while personnel move parts and even go to lunch. 

 Noble Industries is the best choice to be your sheet metal fabrication company.  We have unmatched service from concept through delivery with our skilled craftsmen and state-of-the-art equipment.  We get the job done right, and on time.