OEM Metal Products

GM, Ford, Caterpillar, John Deere, Kubota are just a few OEM companies that most everyone will recognize by name alone.   Have you ever considered the number of OEM metal fabrication companies that make components for these companies?  There are quite a few 2nd tier companies supporting the quality workmanship that is represented in a popular OEM product.

By working for Noble Industries, an OEM metal fabrication company, I have the luxury of seeing Original Equipment Manufactured components daily.  Many parts we make are for OEM products scarcely heard of yet they provide a useful purpose to people all over the country.  Noble Industries is a large ISO 9001 certified custom metal fabrication company with capabilities to fabricate sheet metal, tube and wire parts.  Our ISO certification makes us a great metal fabrication company for OEM products.

Noble Industries has been in business since 1969 & I have become accustom to seeing brackets and simple containers.  What I continue to be amazed by is the level of design and engineering that goes into a complex metal enclosure for a large compressor, generator or utility control housing enclosure.

Several employees at Noble Industries had the pleasure of seeing their work in the assembled OEM metal fabricated enclosure for a OEM Utility control housing manufacturer.  We were able to visit their plant and see 3 different sizes of the OEM product.   Each OEM metal enclosure had 20 – 30 metal parts that were assembled to make up the large metal enclosures.  All the metal components and panels in this enclosure were made with 11 gauge to 14 gauge galvanneal based on the parts intended use.  All parts were powder coated for a quality finish and for extra corrosion protection.  When these parts leave the Noble Industries facility, they are in a kit on a pallet that consists of 1 unit.  We normally ship 10 to 50 units at a time.

Our customer had assembled the base components made by Noble Industries.  Next they assembled their proprietary OEM control boxes, motors, blowers and other parts.  Once those were installed and tested, they assembled metal guards and the enclosure parts.  The large units had 4 metal panels that made up the front so that a technician could easily remove the door & panels for open access to the motor and blowers.  Our customer chose 2 custom powder coat colors that really made the product stand out!   Everyone’s cell phone was out taking pictures so they could show co-workers and family.  We were all proud of the OEM product we helped manufacture.  All parts were manufactured and assembled in the United States.  We were told that one of the large enclosures we saw was going to be shipped to Saudi Arabia.  Another was going to Florida and another to Kentucky.

I love seeing the end result of the work of many people coming together to “make something tangible” ..a quality Original Equipment Manufactured product made in the USA!

For more information about Noble Industries or to get a quote on your OEM metal fabricated parts contact us via our website or call 800-466-1926 and ask for Brenda Snyder.