Our new Mazak FMS system is up and running!

Advanced Laser Cutting FMS system

Flexible Manufacturing System by Mazak added at Noble Industries

The Mazak FMS system has a material storage tower that can hold 10 different sheet metal material.  It also has a pneumatic load system to accurately position the sheet on the laser and automatic unload capability.  Laser cutting jobs are loaded into the computer.  While both lasers are cutting the parts of the material already loaded, the FMS system automatically locates the material for the next job and has it waiting.  Once the machine has finished laser cutting the parts on the laser, it will call for the FMS system to unload that sheet and load the material for the next job.  The FMS system continues to get the material ready for each job while the machine cuts metal parts.  This allows the same number of operators to run twice as many lasers at one time.  It can also be scheduled to run parts in the “lights out” mode so that employees can go on a lunch break and machines continue to run.

This system is world-renowned for helping metal fabricators reduce labor costs and be competitive in today’s short turn time market.    Today our new FMS system is installed on two 4000 watt lasers and we have plans to add a 3rd laser in line by January or February.

Noble Industries is a full service metal fabrication company located 30 minutes north of Indianapolis, Indiana.  We have been in business since 1969.  Our facility is 70,000 square feet and we are looking to add additional square footage in the near future.  We have a mix of industrial customers, retail point of purchase, automotive aftermarket, medical and many others who all have demands for quality metal fabricated parts in small and medium production runs.  We continue to look for manufacturing advances to help our customers compete in an ever changing marketplace.  In fact the President of Noble Industries is at FabTech right now looking at new equipment and how to save labor costs and add to our competitive advantage.

Check back on a regular basis because at Noble Industries we are charging forward!  If you would like more information, contact Brenda Snyder at 317-773-1926.