Managing a Metal Fabrication Job Shop during the busy months of the year

A metal fabrication job shop has to manage the ups and downs in the market.  It is a balance beam at 50,000 feet!  Jobs shops have regular customers but most all of those regular customers are unwilling to take product until they need it.  This can wreak havoc on a job shop schedule.

A month at a glance in a metal fabrication job shop might show capacity on many machines one day and be completely over capacity the next day.  To stay profitable the fabrication staff and engineering office is staffed for regular production.  The stress to management and employees alike comes from the inability to predict customer demand.  What looks like a regular production without overtime, can change at a moment’s notice with 2 or 3 large customers needing parts at the same time.

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Powder Coating – Part 2

Last spring we posted an article about powder coating and corrosion control.  We discussed the introduction of powder coating in the 1960’s and that powder coating is now the preferred solution for metal.  There are size constraints that make metal powder coating unworkable for large welded assemblies but otherwise the best corrosion coverage is to powder coat your metal parts.  The powders available over the last twenty years

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Sheet Metal Terminology – Part 1

In November we posted an article about Ordinary Metal Fabrication Methods.  To continue to inform our audience about metal fabrication methods, some terminology should be explained.

Sheet Metal Terminology – Part 1

Roll forming is a constant bending process in which sheet metal, coil, bar or strips of metal pass through rolls that form the metal.  This process is most efficient in large production runs.  Small production of roll formed parts can be done but it is a manual process where tight tolerances are difficult to obtain.

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Noble Industries, metal fabricator in Noblesville, Indiana … has a new sign!


Noble Industries  is a custom metal fabricator located in Noblesville, Indiana.  In business since 1968, owner William Parker started the company in a barn behind his partner’s home.  45 years later Noble Industries is still going strong and growing.    Our new sign is more than a sign.  It is a symbol of strength and optimism.   We have grown much in the 45 years and expect future growth as well.

Facts about Noble Industries:

  • Incorporated in 1970
  • Started with 500 sq ft and now manufacturing metal fabricated parts in 70,000 square feet
  • Employs 70+ full time employees
  • ISO 9001:2008 Certified
  • 99.8 % delivery on-time
  • Industries served:  Automotive Aftermarket, Automotive, Transportation, Appliance, Electrical, Medical, Dental, Retail Store Display, Point of Purchase Displays, Industrial, Lawn and Garden and more

When it comes to outsourcing to a metal fabricator, our sign indicates we are open for business, have capacity to grow and also proud and confident that our workforce we call “family” will deliver quality parts to you every time.   You can trust your metal fabricated parts to us.  Call Brenda Snyder at 317-773-1926 or contact us through our website at

Noble Industries should be your 1st choice in metal fabrication!

Noble Industries is the most diverse metal fabrication company in the Midwest.  We offer:

  • Laser Cutting with Mazak lasers
  • CNC Punching with Amada Turrets and Salvagnini Panel Punching
  • CNC Forming with Amada press brakes and Salvagnini Panel Bending and …more
  • CNC Wire Forming with Numalliance 3D bender, AIM benders and …more
  • MIG/TIG, Spot Welding, Mesh Welding, Robotic Welding and …more
  • Tube Cutting and Bending
  • Tube Rolling
  • Powder Coating
  • Assembly, Packaging, Hardware insertion and ..more
  • Silk Screening
  • Shipping to single locations or multiple locations
  • And ….more…call for all your metal fabrication needs!

Check out our website at for pictures of products made, for all services offered  and ….more!  Noble Industries should be your 1st  choice for metal fabrication.