Powder Coating and Corrosion Control


There have been many methods for surface finishing throughout the years.  Powder Coating is by far the most modern technique. 

 The commercial use of electrostatic powder spray (EPS) process was introduced in the USA and Europe in the early 1960’s.   EPS offers two major advantages.  First the substrates can be coated cold (with no preheating required).  Secondly, the film thickness can be reduced to 2 mils (50 microns).  EPS is the most commonly used type of powder coating in the industry today.

Powder Coating is a dry (organic polymer) powder applied to a part.  Noble Industries feels that electrostatic charge powder sprayed on a part is the most efficient method for production powder coating.   We reclaim the overspray powder that does not stick on the part and reuse it.  The entire powder coat process is much more environmentally friendly versus wet paint.

When applied correctly, one coat of powder coat is sufficient for corrosion protection for years.  If further corrosion control is desired or needed due to the environment in which the metal part will reside, a zinc rich primer can be applied to the part before the final powder is applied.  The best corrosion control results from proper surface cleaning, effective rinse stages, applying the primer followed by a topcoat and baked in an oven at a temperature and timeframe suitable for the primer and topcoat to cure.

Noble Industries makes metal enclosures shipped to states like Florida, South Carolina, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas where oxidation happens quicker due to the humidity in the air.  Zinc rich primers along with galvanized metal are 2 things we recommend for metal panels and enclosures used outside in climates with high humidity.

Noble Industries has standard powder colors that we use every week or we can match to your specifications for custom powder coat colors.  We powder coat 99% of the carbon steel & aluminum parts fabricated in our facility.  Production powder coating services are also available to companies who make their own metal parts.