Powder Coating – Part 2

Last spring we posted an article about powder coating and corrosion control.  We discussed the introduction of powder coating in the 1960’s and that powder coating is now the preferred solution for metal.  There are size constraints that make metal powder coating unworkable for large welded assemblies but otherwise the best corrosion coverage is to powder coat your metal parts.  The powders available over the last twenty years

have revolutionized the metal finish industry.  You can have a smooth surface, peels, epoxy coating, metallic, clear coat and almost any color on the RAL color spectrum.   Powder coating gives metal parts a very durable finish that is superior to wet paint.  A powder coat finish is also environmentally friendly.   You can see powder coated finish on automotive parts, appliances such as washer/dryer sets in bright red and other colors and many other metal products we encounter every day.

Advancements have been made so that other substrates that were impossible years ago could be powder coated.  One of the most fascinating breakthroughs is the ability to powder coat fiberboard.  Powder melts and forms in an oven for metal parts so the ability to coat heat sensitive materials is amazing.   MDF (medium density fiberboard) has become suitable for the application of powder finish because it is a low porous material with wax and resin binder.  The retail point of purchase & store fixture industry is being redefined with beautiful powder coated MDF designs.  Coating MDF with powder also protects the product from stains and scratches.

Noble Industries was been powder coating metal products since the 70’s.  We enjoy the benefits of all the advances in powder coating.  We offer full metal fabrication services to a number of industries, include automotive, OEM companies, automotive aftermarket suppliers, medical, POP providers and many more industrial customers.  We also provide powder coating services to customers who produce their own products and need a durable finish applied.

For more information about powder coating or metal fabrication, contact Brenda Snyder at 317-773-1926 or contact us through our website at www.nobleindustries.com.