Reasons to use Powder Coating for metal parts!

Powder Coating offers substantial advantages over wet paint or plating.

  • No solvents
  • If you have a clean room and an oven it is easy to apply
  • Unpolluted operational area making better work environment
  • The above items make for an environment with virtually no pollution
  • Only one coat is required to give a superior finish with excellent coverage in holes, corners and edges
  • Once baked on a clean surface it is resistant to scratches & chipping
  • With a good operation you will have savings in overall coating costs

Powder adheres to a surface because parts are electrostatically charged.  Basically the part is grounded and the powder is charged, pulling powder to the part.  The part or parts are then cured by baking in an oven.  The cure time is dependent on the thickness of the part but a typical part needs 15 minutes at 380 degrees Fahrenheit.    Curing occurs with the part being in the oven at the correct temperature, not “how long it is in the oven”.  Each powder type and material thickness and powder coating supplier will give the recommended time and temperature.

Epoxy, Polyester and Acrylic are the three primary resins utilized in the formulation of thermosetting powder.   Crosslinking occurs with anhydrides, amines, melamines and isocyanates.

Epoxy powder coating is very prominent.  This type of powder is formulated to a specific performance requirement.  The only flaws of epoxy powder coating are discoloration if overbaked and chalking with extreme sun exposure.

Powder is blown on the part and when it is subject to heat it melts enclosing the part with a powder coated finish.  Once cured it will not melt again.

Noble Industries powder coats hundreds of thousands of parts every day.  Custom powder coat colors are available as well.

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