The Secret to a quality powder coat finish on your metal parts – Part 1

6 stage powder wash system at Noble Industries

Power Spray with heat is the best way to remove impurities on metal parts


Custom Powder Coating of an OEM Metal Part



To have a powder coated part with a finish that lasts, you must start with pretreatment to ensure a totally clean part.  Pretreatment process can be broken down into two areas of operation:

  1. Cleaning
  2. Phosphatizing

This article will address the most important phase which is the process to obtain a clean part.  All contamination, dirt and oil must be removed.   Most metals will have rust inhibitors, oil, cutting fluids, drawing compounds, grease and dirt.  If powder is applied to a metal part that has not been thoroughly cleaned adhesion will not occur or the powder coat finish will not stay on the part over time.

Mechanical cleaning processes such as air, sand or shot plasting, using a wire brush to clean have gone away except when removing a prior finish or an extremely rusty part.

Hand washing, immersion or a soak tank, or pressure wand wash can be used however the best process is a power spray wash system where stages are involved to ensure all the impurities are washed off.

Noble Industries’ Powder Coating operation is on a conveyor system where parts go through a 6 stage wash and then into a dry off oven before powder is applied.  Our powder coating process has been tested and has held a higher level of quality than what OEM and automotive industries require for their powder coating supplier.

If you are proud of the parts you fabricate, send them to Noble Industries to finish the process with custom powder coating services that will last.  If you have parts that you want us to fabricate and then powder coat, we can do that as well.  We can powder coat small or large production runs.

Contact Brenda Snyder at 317-773-1926 for more information about powder coating services.