What does Custom Metal Fabrication mean?

The word “custom” can mean a conventional way of doing things or a common standard or practice.  For custom metal fabrication it means almost the opposite.  Custom metal fabrication means that someone wants to make something unique or specific to their needs.  It may mean they want to make 1 piece or a very small number of metal parts.  Custom metal fabrication can also mean large productions or medium size production run of between 100 – 2500 parts at a time. 

 Whatever your specific meaning, Noble Industries is the company that can provide all your custom metal fabrication needs!  If it is a project where you need to cut metal into specific sizes we can do that through the use of saws, lasers & punches.  If you need tubular parts, we can saw cut one or 1,000 at a time with the use of traditional saws or our CNC Dutch saw which allows us to saw cut bundles of tube or pipe quickly along with deburring the ends.  If you need sheet metal parts cut with a countersunk hole our 6 axis laser cutting equipment can handle that easily.  If you have a need for metal wire straightened and cut to length, we can do that as well.  Whatever custom metal cutting means to you, we can handle it.  We commonly cut aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel.  Our equipment includes Mazak Lasers, Amada Punch Presses, Salvagnini Panel Punching, CNC Shearing, Piranha Iron Worker, Dutch Saw, Band Saws, Cold Cut Miter Saws, Wire Straightening and Cut off equipment and much more. 

 Custom metal fabrication can also mean bending, welding, machining, progressive stamping, grinding, and finishing the parts with powder coating.  If you make your own parts, Noble Industries would be honored to handle your custom powder coating needs.  We do not have to make your metal parts for you to take advantage of our state of the art powder coating services.   Coordinate your drop off and pick up of parts to our powder coating department for the best powder coating services in Indiana.   With all the services listed below, it is no wonder Noble Industries is the largest custom metal fabricator in the Midwest.  

  • Laser Cutting
  • Punching
  • Stamping
  • Tube and Angle Roll Forming
  • Metal Forming with Press Brakes, Tube bending, Progressive Dies,CNCWire Bending and more
  • Drilling, Tapping, Notching, Corner Forming,
  • Welding which included TIG/MIG, spot welding, robotic welding and mesh welding
  • Plate Rolling
  • Powder Coating and finishing with Pemserts, Shrink Wrap, Bagging and more
  • Electro Polish, Plating and other finishes
  • Packaging and shipping to one location or multiple locations

 The mission statement at Noble Industries is to provide superior metal fabrication services to its customers through the use of state of the art technology with on-time delivery.  Whatever custom metal fabrication needs you have, Noble Industries is the company you want to trust to fabricate your products. 

 For more information about custom metal fabrication or a quote, contact Brenda Snyder at 317-773-1926.